I make websites

cha·ris [ka·ris] (f; Hong Kong)

freelance front-end webdeveloper

  1. expert in front-end webdevelopment
  2. communicative human with broad knowledge about web design and user experience.
  3. conference organiser webconf.asia


My background is Computer Science, with a passion for design. I have been working freelance for more than 9 years for a big variety of clients and agencies.

Who you will be working with

I can communicate well with (product/project) managers as well as with other designers and developers. I can easily work by myself, but also love to cooperate with others (internal or external) to get the job done. I keep my knowledge up to date by visiting conferences and by keeping in close touch with colleagues.

You can hire me on a project basis, but I am also available for a long term cooperation. I do a lot of remote work which works very well for me.

Please check out the kind of projects I have done and what I can do for you.

The Splice Newsroom

2017 - current

For The Splice Newsroom I work closely together with the founders to implement their vision, design and ideas into a visually attractive and easy to use news platform using the WordPress CMS.



2015 - 2018

I am part of a large project team where I am responsible to implement the base design onto the Drupal CMS - using CSS. We are deploying the (complicated) site in multiple phases.




I redesigned the visual style for a set of Apps they use in the health industry. I have developed a ‘style guide’ for the use and implementation of these apps on the jQuery/Ionic framework.

De Nederlandse Taalunie

2010 - current

De Nederlandse Taalunie (the Dutch Language Union) is an international institution that governs issues regarding the Dutch language. I did and do various projects - design as well as realization - mostly on the basis of the Drupal CMS.


Front-end development

I often work in larger teams - where I have the role of front-end specialist. I can help translate identities and designs into good, responsive, stable and fast HTML and CSS.

If you need a front-end expert to implement a site (re)design onto HTML/CSS, I can translate existing identities, provide advice from a technical perspective and transform a design into valid (responsive) HTML and CSS.

Design and development

I have broad experience with (responsive) website and app design. For ‘smaller’ corporate or project sites I take care of the implementation, preferable in WordPress. Alternatively, after the design and development phase, I can also deliver the front-end to a back-end party.

What I don’t do

I don’t do JavaScript frameworks or build/implement large back-end systems. I am not available for a full time job - and I don’t work for equity. I also don't build quick and cheap websites for your business.

Email or connect

Charis Rooda
12P Smithfield Road, Cheung Hing Industrial Building 10F,
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Feel free to email me at charis@imakewebsites.hk.

I post a lot of webdevelopment resources my Twitter account @charis. If you want to work with me or want to add me to your network add me on Linkedin.